Meetings (2015-16)

26th June 2017Planning MeetingAgenda
Meeting Papers
20th June 2017Finance CommitteeAgenda
Meeting Papers
12th June 2017General MeetingAgenda
Meeting Papers
5th June 2017Extraordinary Council MeetingDraft Minutes
23rd May 2017Finance CommitteeMinutes
Meeting Papers
16th May 2017Extraordinary Council MeetingDraft Minutes
10th May 2017Annual Parish MeetingAgenda
8th May 2017Annual Meeting of the CouncilDraft Minutes
Meeting Papers
25th April 2017Finance CommitteeMinutes
Meeting Papers
10th April 2017General MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
21st March 2017Finance CommitteeAgenda
Meeting Papers
13th March 2017General MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
27th February 2017Planning MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
21st February 2017Finance CommitteeMinutes
13th February 2017General MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
24th January 2017Finance CommitteeMinutes
Meeting Papers
23rd January 2017Planning MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
9th January 2017General MeetingMinutes
13th DecemberFinance MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
12th December 2016General MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
22nd November 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
Meeting Papers
14th November 2016General MeetingMinutes
Meeting Papers
2nd November 2016Employment Committee MeetingDraft Minutes
25th October 2016Finance CommiteeMinutes
Meeting Papers
10th October 2016General Meeting - 6.30pmMinutes
Meeting Papers
20th September 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
13th September 2016Pavilion & Recreation Ground CommitteeDraft Minutes
12th September 2016General MeetingMinutes
23rd August 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
23rd August 2016Extraordinary Meeting (at 6.30pm)Minutes
26th July 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
18th July 2016Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
12th July 2016Pavilion & Recreation Ground CommitteeDraft Minutes
11th July 2016General MeetingMinutes
21st June 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
14th June 2016Pavilion & Recreation Ground CommitteeMinutes
13th June 2016General Meeting - 6.30pmMinutes
24th May 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
23rd May 2016Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
9th May 2016Annual MeetingMinutes
26th April 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
25th April 2016Annual Parish MeetingMinutes
11th April 2016General Meeting Minutes
22nd March 2016Finance CommitteeMinutes
14th March 2016General MeetingMinutes
23rd February 2016Finance Committee Minutes
22nd February 2016Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
8th February 2016General MeetingMinutes
8th February 2016Pavilion Committee (7.15pm)Minutes
26th January 2016Finance Committee - 7.30pm (cancelled as not quorate)Agenda
26th January 2016Pavilion Meeting - 7pmMinutes
11th January 2016General MeetingMinutes
11th January 2016Employment Committee (2.30pm)Draft Minutes
15th December 2015Finance Committee (7.30pm)Minutes
15th December 2015Pavilion Committee (7pm)Minutes
14th December 2015General MeetingMinutes
14th December 2015 Employment CommitteeDraft Minutes
24th November 2015Finance Committee (7.30pm)Minutes
24th November 2015Pavilion Committee (7.00pm)Minutes
24th November 2015Village Events (6.30pm)Draft Minutes
10th November 2015Pavilion CommitteeMinutes
9th November 2015General MeetingMinutes
20th October 2015 Finance CommitteeMinutes
19th October 2015Village Events (cancelled as not quorate)Agenda
12th October 2015General MeetingMinutes
29th September 2015Finance Committee Meeting
15th September 2015Pavilion Committee MeetingMinutes
14th September 2015General MeetingMinutes
8th September 2015Village EventsDraft Minutes
7th September 2015Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
25th August 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
4th August 2015Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
21st July 2015Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
14th July 2015Pavilion Committee MeetingDraft Minutes
14th July 2015Village Events CommitteeMinutes
13th July 2015General MeetingMinutes
23rd June 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
9th June 2015Pavilion CommitteeMinutes
8th June 2015General MeetingMinutes
26th May 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
19th May 2015Village Events CommitteeMinutes
18th May 2015Future Development CommitteeDraft Minutes
11th May 2015Annual General MeetingMinutes
27th April 2015Annual Parish MeetingMinutes
21st April 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
14th April 2015Employment CommitteeDraft Minutes
13th April 2015General MeetingDraft Minutes
24th March 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
10th March 2015Pavilion CommitteeDraft Minutes
9th March 2015General MeetingMinutes
24th February 2015Finance CommitteeMinutes
17th February 2015Village EventsDraft Minutes
16th February 2015Future Development CommitteeDraft Minutes
16th February 2015Extraordinary MeetingMinutes
9th February 2015General MeetingMinutes
20th January 2015Finance CommitteeDraft Minutes
12th January 2015General MeetingDraft Minutes

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