A14 Closures – 30th-31st August

25th August
from Highways England

Please be advised of the following closures:

The A14 will be closed on the nights of Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st August between 9pm and 5am for installation of a temporary bailey bridge. This closure, which will affect traffic travelling between Godmanchester and Girton, is necessary to ensure we can safely push the bridge into place. The temporary bridge will be situated to the west of junction 26 near Swavesey and will allow works traffic to travel over the A14, between sites to the north and south, without disruption to drivers.

During the closures, eastbound traffic from Godmanchester wlll be able to exit at junction 27, Fenstanton, after which point the road will be closed. Similary, local westbound traffic will still be able to exit the A14 at junctions 28, 29 and 30. No access along the A14 between junctions 27 and 28 in either direction will be possible.

Diversions between Godmanchester and Girton will be as follows:
Eastbound: take the A1198 to Caxton Gibbet, then the A428 to rejoin the A14.
Westbound: take the A428 to Caxton Gibbet, then the A1198 to rejoin the A14.

The image below shows the embankment: we have created and the temporary bridge which will be pushed across the A14.

Consultation Starts on Children’s Centre Proposals

11th August 2017
from County Cllr Peter Hudson

At last month’s Parish Council meeting, I was asked for details on the proposed transformation of children services and agreed that as soon as I had FULL details of the plan I will let them know.  I had hoped to get this into the Longstanton Life, but the deadline was way before the full details became available.  However as with all County Council Consultations, a link to this consultation was placed on the Parish Council Web Site as is all my monthly reports. Continue Reading

Gambling Act 2005 Consultation

12th October 2015

The Parish Council has received the following letter from South Cambs Licensing Officer:

“Please find attached our consultation document on the latest draft proposal of Licensing Statement of Principles due to be renewed by January 31st 2016.

The Licensing Statement of Principles was first introduced in 2007 and is reviewed at least every 3yrs. Our last review was in 2013.

This latest review sees no significant changes and in general reflects changes to dates and contact addresses rather than editorial content. Therefore, on this occasion it has been decided to have a shorter consultation period than in previous years.

Please note that any comments should be received by no later than 12th November 2015 unless agreed with the Licensing Officer.”

As well as the consultation document, you can find further information on the South Cambs website. Link.

Northstowe Phase 2 Planning Application

21st March 2015, updated 23rd March

We have been advised – at very short notice – that the South Cambs D.C. Northstowe Committee will be discussing the Phase 2 Planning Application Report at their meeting on Wednesday 25th March at 2pm.

Effectively, this meeting will vote to approve, reject or defer the Phase 2 proposal.

Continue Reading

Newsletter – please subscribe for parish updates

19th March 2015

For the last few weeks we have been sending email updates to a small number of residents who have requested them. We are now proposing to send out a more professional-looking newsletter to any resident who would like regular updates.

Initially the plan is to send a monthly summary of activity on the Parish Council website, together with occasional ‘special editions’ when there is important or urgent news. There will be absolutely no commercial content and the subscriber list will not be used for any purpose other than the Longstanton newsletter.

To subscribe please use the form in the column on the right of this page. You will then receive an email asking you to click a link to confirm your subscription. All residents who are already receiving newsletters from the parish council will continue to do so and do not need to re-subscribe.

Meetings – week commencing 2nd March 2015

4th February 2015

Documents have been posted in the Meetings area for the following meetings:

  • General Meeting – Monday 9th March – agenda and minutes of the previous meeting
  • Pavilion Committee – Tuesday 10th March – agenda

Minutes have also been posted for recent meetings of the Finance Committee, the Village Events Committee and the Future Developments Committee.

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme

20th February 2015

The Parish Office has a supply of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme newsletter for February 2015. This is a quarterly update of the scheme and should you wish to have a copy, please contact Libby White, parish.clerk@longstantonvillage.org to arrange to receive a copy. Alternatively, please pop in during office hours to collect a copy. You can also read/download a pdf copy (2.3MB) here.

The A14 planning application was recently accepted by the Planning Inspectorate and anyone interested in participating in the planning process must register with PINS before 12 March 2015. Information on how to do this and further details are contains within the newsletter.

Older people’s healthcare

8th April 2014

We have recently received copies of the ‘Proposals to improve older people’s healthcare and adult community services’ consultation document. If this is a matter that concerns you and you wish to provide feedback, please feel free to pop into the Parish Office and collect a copy. All completed documents are to be returned by 16th June 2014.

Alternatively, all information is also provided on www.cambridgeshireandpeterboroughccg.nhs.uk

Statement from Longstanton Parish Council with respect to the Cessation of the Forensic Audit

31st March 2014

An extraordinary meeting was called for on Friday 28th March at 2.30pm. A statement was read out by a member of public, Mr Vance Wells. Mr Wells was working on a specific project for the Council as a forensic auditor, pro bono. After the 10 minutes open forum for public participation had passed, Cllr Ashby allowed him to continue. After a significant extra time allowed, she attempted to stop Mr Wells due some of the sensitive content being presented. He refused to acknowledge Cllr Ashby at which point she informed him that if he continued she would have to bring the meeting to a close. Having again allowed him some extra time, Cllr Ashby had no alternative but to bring the meeting to a close and left the meeting. Mr Wells continued for a further 15 minutes. Continue Reading