NHS Dental Provision for Cambridgeshire

7th March 2018 

Please see below the following message from County Councillor Hudson:

At the last Parish Council, I stated that I had instigated a call in for NHS (England) regarding Dental Provision for new communities within Cambridgeshire, and that I would let you know when they are appearing so that you may attend if you wish.  Well, they are due to appear on Thursday 15th March 1330hrs  at Shire Hall.  This is a public meeting so all are welcome.

Anyone can ask questions at the begining of the meeting.  Therefore, If you want to raise the issue of dental provision for Northstowe you have to submit your question to Democratic Services by Monday 12th March.  You will then be called forward to ask your question at the meeting.   The time limit is three minutes.

Please let me know if you need any help with submitting questions etc,  as time is a bit short.